Author: Emmanuel Maduka

Maduka has over 4 years experience in agricultural communication, he is an active advocate for youth engagement in agriculture and plays leading roles on this through his activities in agri-media and food processing. He is the Founder of Agrostrides Magazine and Co-founder LifePro Food Mills.

There are fifty four countries on the continent of Africa and agriculture is a key driver of social and economic growth in each of them. Two-thirds of Africans are employed within the sector, contributing around 23% to the GDP of Sub-Saharan Africa. Containing more than 65% of global uncultivated arable land (according to the African Development Bank) Africa brims with vast potential; however utilisation and productivity has remained low due to a cocktail of challenges at varying levels. CGIAR – addressing the global climate threat In Sub-Saharan Africa the trajectory of the global climate threat is particularly daunting, impacts on…

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